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Wait for a moment.

请等一下 Wait a minute, please! 词语解释: wait 英[weɪt] 美[wet] vt. 等待; 等候; (尤指长期地) 希望; 盼望; vi. 准备妥; 在手边; 可得到; 可使用; vt. 推迟,搁置,延缓; [例句]I walk to a street corner and wait for the school...

Just a minute / moment. Wait (for) a minute/ moment / little while. Hang on (for) a minute /second / tick. Wait on / Hold on. Hold on (for) a minute.

请稍等一下用英语是:Please wait a moment. 解释: please 英[pli:z] 美[pliz] int. 请; vt. 讨好; 使高兴; 使满意; 讨人喜欢; [例句]Can you help us please? 能请你帮帮我们吗? wait 英[weɪt] 美[wet] vt. 等待; 等候; (尤指长期地) ...

等一下(Just a minute) wait a minute hold on (接电话时让对方等一下) 稍等一下,请别挂断。 Just a minute. Hold the line, please.

A minute, please. (如被提问时需要查资料)2. Excuse me. (比如交谈中需要离开片刻或接电话)3. Just a moment. (同1)4. Hold on!(接电话时通知被叫人)5. Wait for me!(比如同行者要走,自己还有事耽误一下) 6.wait a moment; 等一会 7、wait a mi...

wait a moment

take it easy wait a minute what is your hurry?

please sit down,andwait a moment.


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