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so we spent a day to

毕业 Graduation Graduation is a time of moving on, further studies, or out into the society? There are a lot of choices which we are supposed to make and we are emotional at the graduation season. What's more, we usually have a variety of

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How time fies.!My school life is over.Here're what I want to say to classmates,teachers.I love my teachers so much,beacause they teach me a lot .When I was in trouble ,they gave me a hand .When I failed the exam,they gave me a smile.And they tell

Once upon a time, the there was a young man called Kuang Heng. He usually read books at night because he had to work in the day. He didn't have money to buy oil ,so he couldn't read books when it got dark. One night, he saw a little light from his

Weallhopetohaveacolourfulworld.Andallofuslovethebluesky,thefreshair,thegreentreesandthebeautifulflowers.Nowwearestudents.Howcanwekeepourscholclean?Ithinkitisourduty keepourschoolclean.Weshouldpickuprubbishandthrowitintothedustbin,

Hi,I'm kate who study in the sixth middle school. There're twenty classes in our school . I am in Class five, Grade one and there are sixty students in it. I love my school which is big as well as beautiful,and there are a great many of trees and beautiful

My teachers and fellow students, In a couple of weeks, we'll say goodbye to our mother school. How time flies! Now It's really hard for me to put my feelings into words. The past three years has been really a wonderful journey with you guys, full of

The purpose of a high school graduation ceremony is to celebrate students who have successfully met the academic and extracurricular requirements for graduation. The ceremony provides a public chance in which graduating students receive their

There are many memorable things, I have had a particularly memorable things, that is my primary school graduation party. Although it is a party, but we are held during the day, may be called "white"."The day before the white", we are ready to do


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