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大教堂博物馆(museo de la catedral);马斯隆萨是塞维利亚最有名的斗牛区,位于阿尔纳区的逖阿纳之门(triana door)与黄金塔之间的空地上.

太笼统了.马德里皇宫(el palacio real),皇家公园(el parque de Buen Retiro),邮政宫殿(casa de correo),太阳门广场(la puerta Sol),大道(gran vía),布拉多博物馆(museo de Prado),索非亚王后博物馆(Museo de la

Spain is the fruitful in resources, the economical developed country, its garden learned skill holds the important position in the world; Simultaneously is also the grape, the olive and sweet orange's big production area; Its coast is rich in the sardine.

Spain's capital Madrid as well as economic, cultural and political center. The city is also one of Europe for the Arts Center every year to attract a large number of tourists. Door to the Sun (Puerta del Sol) as the center, radial roads into this start, to

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It's an honor for me to introduce a Europe country--Spain to you here. Spain lies on the southern of Europe. Its national flag is filled up with yellow and red.It is stands for brave and the spirit of never give up.

resorts of Spain

神圣家族大教堂(Sagrada Familia);巴特娄宫(Casa Batllo);米拉宫(Casa Mila);毕加索博物馆;奥运村及奥运会主体育场 马德里 - 西班牙首都.其著名景点有: 皇宫 - 建于十八世纪中叶,以豪华壮丽闻名,是欧洲著名皇宫之一.尤以

D1:Roman: Colosseum, Spain square, especially lai d fountain, pantheon, on warner square, Venice square D2: Pompeii: open-air theatre, o wave jotham check avenue, tower, history than bathing, d carry home, a tragic poet home, Apollo temple


安达卢西亚 Andalucia/ 塞维利亚 Sevilla 阿拉贡 Aragón/ 萨拉戈萨 Zaragoza 阿斯图里亚斯 Asturias/ 奥维多 Oviedo 巴利阿里 Baleares/ 马略卡 Mallorca 巴斯克 Vasco/ 维多利亚 Vitoria-Gasteiz 加那利 Canarias/ 坎塔布里亚 Cantabria/ 桑坦德


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