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For president of this united states the decision lets them have a competition. 为此美国总统决定让他们比试一下.

In order to boost sales, they decided to run a competition.为了刺激销售,他们决定举行一场竞赛.

iconic英 [aknk] 美 [ak:nk] adj.图标的;符号的;图符的;偶像的1Murphy's powerfully spoken Oedipus is an autocrat of iconic grandeur.墨菲激情演绎的俄狄浦斯王是位圣像般威严的独裁者.2The ads helped Nike to achieve iconic

The dog always comes out as a winner in a competition.

答案是:He plans to take part in s swimming competition他打算去参加游泳比赛.

adj.1. [修饰单数名词] 某一个,某个2. [修饰复数名词] 某些,有些3. [修饰不可数名词] 若干,一些,一点儿4. [修饰数量、大小、程度等] 某种5. [口语] 相当多的,好些,好几个6. [用于疑问句,表示请求,邀请,劝导等] 一点儿,一些;什么7. [口语]

一楼真好玩.呵呵a competition that involves jumping as far as possible from a running start. 从一起点跳得尽可能远的比赛.an athletic competition in which a javelin is thrown as far as possible. 将标枪掷出一定距离的比赛.As far as possible, the

I'm entering a competition.是正在进行时.由be动词+v.ing得知.现在完成时应是:I have entered a competition.因为现在完成时的结构是:主语+have/has+过去分词.

一般将来时:am/is/are/going to + do;will/shall + do. They are going to have a competition with us in studies. It is going to rain. 过去将来时:was/were/going to + do;would/should + do He said he would go to Beijing the next day. I asked who was going there . 剩下的不要那么懒,自己造吧~

That is the first time I've ever had a competition with him.


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