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歌曲名:Back to the Well歌手:Kenny Rogers专辑:Back to the WellBack To The WellKenny Rogers编辑者:AdolfWhen my home is so far away;And I miss you, so bad it hurts;When I feel like, I've lost my way;I know where to go to quench my thirst


back to school 是指回到学校back to school : 这是美国圣玛丽中学的一个传统活动,主要是邀请学生家长来学校参观和了解孩子在学校的学习、生活、活动等各方面的情况,以便更好地进行家校互动.回学校的时间期限通常从七月中旬通过早

do you hear me, 你能听到吗 i'm talking to you 我在对你讲话 across the water across the deep blue ocean 越过深蓝色海洋 under the open sky, oh my, baby i'm trying 在广阔的天空下,我的宝贝,我正在尝试 boy i hear you in my dreams 我在睡梦

never turn back, just go straight on your own way , to search for new happiness!

Well Well -Nelly FurtadoWell, well, what do I sayLooks like what goes around comes aroundAnd everyone will have their final saySometime, somedayLooks like I only love God when the sun shines my wayLooks like I'm into divinity only when I can

back to the salt mines回到盐矿双语对照词典结果:back to the salt mines重新工作,重操旧业,又要辛苦一番了; Well, it's monday morning. Back to the salt mines. 好了,现在是星期一的早上,又该去上班了.


LZ问的是美国乡村派歌手、格莱美获得者Taylor Swift的同名歌曲么?back to,有逆向拨回(如,将钟/表拨回)、重返、返回、重回的意思Back to December将时间拨回到12月重归/返12月重温12月


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