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如果我可能打一通电话 我会拨打去昨日 & 提醒自己 告诉我自己应说的话 不让你一走了之 与别人 与别人 [合唱] 下一次,我不会再受这样的痛苦 我会承认我的错误 而不是避开所有的指责 如果你在这里,我们可以解决 然后我不只是好 还会比现在的我更好 是强大和无声 一个做了很多好 是的,你会同意 试著去了解 或修补这些问题,因为你可以 猜猜这这些问题是由於我的吗?是啊,是我 [重复合唱] 我会表演得好 也许表演得更好 如果我能放开 没有遗憾地放手 [合唱] 下一次,我不会再受这样的痛苦 我会承认我的错误 而不是避开所有的指责 如果你在这里,我们可以解决 然后我不只是好 还会比现在的我更好 OH不,我会更好 我现在已经更好 哦

歌曲名:Better Now 歌手:The Lure 专辑:The Lure Better Now 词曲:Gregory Becker/Darrell Brown/Busbee If I had one call to make I would dial yesterday and warn myself Tell my lips the words to say Not let you just walk away With someone else

歌曲名:Better Now歌手:Rascal Flatts专辑:Still Feels GoodBetter Now词曲:Gregory Becker/Darrell Brown/BusbeeIf I had one call to makeI would dial yesterday and warn myselfTell my lips the words to sayNot let you just walk awayWith

歌曲名:I Feel Better Now 歌手:The Louvin Brothers 专辑:Keep Your Eyes On Jesus Hot Chip - I Feel Better She said: 'How did we get ourselves so lost?' And I said: 'I don't know,but we will not be leaving tonight, tonight When you hold me I, I feel

歌曲名:Feel Better Now歌手:Carolina Liar专辑:Wild Blessed FreedomCarolina Liar - Feel Better NowQQ : 349777127Pocket full of sunshine in your handsYou got history you can't understandYou're all you'll ever need and I bet you're

歌曲名:Better off Now歌手:Pillar专辑:ConfessionsAll of this is changingNone of this seems realI just keep on waitingTo see if I can feelSomething like an angel watching over meMaybe that's exactly what's in front of me'Cause I'm better off

歌曲名:Okay, I Feel Better Now歌手:Afi专辑:Crash LoveAFI - Okay, I Feel Better NowThere is nothing to me.There is nothing though there was a timeI had felt elationbefore all sensation died.I cannot breathe.I can't deny that I've been feigning,

everything has changed

Right Now (Na Na Na) 一个是正名,又可以叫做Na Na Na [Intro/Verse1] It's been so long, 已经好久 that I haven't seen your face, 没有见到你的面容 I'm trying to be strong, 试着去坚强 but the strength I have is washing away.但是勇气在消逝 it

PrideSweetboxAre u happy nowAre u better off Are u a bigger manAre u loving it (tell me)ur last words echo onDoes it still feel goodDoes it keep u warmDoes it easy the misery, the miseryur Pride, foolish PrideThe battles won Was it worth it?u're


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