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Quite a lot of people came round to the house.He came around to our point of view.The wind has come around to the north.Come around to the theatre to - morrow morning.You come around to the hotel.

come around 英 [km raund] 美 [km rand] 释义:1、 拜访;探访 Beryl came round this morning to apologize贝丽尔今天上午来登门道歉了.2、改变观点;改变看法(以接受) It looks like they're coming around to our way of

come around 顺便来访;顺便过来come out 出现;出版;发表come to 苏醒;总计;复原come up 出现;走上前来;走近

come around come [动词]around [副词] : 修饰 comecome around 同时亦是[词组], 意思: 苏醒;恢复健康;让步;改变立场The patient came around the next morning. 第二天这个病人苏醒了过来.It was not easy for John to come around. 让约翰改变立场是不容易的.

come around 是恢复知觉,苏醒过来的意思happy-go-lucky逍遥自在的,听天由命的,无忧无虑的

come to 达到, 总计为; 终于; 结果是; 苏醒(过来);把船朝着风头; 停泊; 继承(财产); (马, 牛群等)迅速向左转 * come to school age* The coat comes to her ankles.* The bill came to $200.come round = come around 到来; 再度

come over 顺便来come round 到来;来访come around 和come round 相似如要区别可能强调再次

come about 形成 come around 回来、回心转意 How did you come about this conclusion? 你怎么推出结论的?He finally came around to our side of the argument 他终于想通了,并认同我们的看法.

歌曲名:Come Around歌手:Sarah Jarosz专辑:Follow Me DownSarah Jarosz - Come AroundJust when you start to look awayAnd I don't know what I should sayI can't distinguish night from dayThen you come aroundJust when things are lookin'

come between ①分开,离间 ②妨碍(某人做某事);come by ①得到,获得 ②访问,看望 come down①(物价等)下跌 ②落魄,潦倒;come down to 可归结为 come in for 受到,遭到;come off ①脱落,分开 ②结果,表现 come on ①(表示


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