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Look into my eyes, you will see 注视我的眼睛,你会发现What you mean to me 你对 你知道这都是真的Everything I do, I do it for you 我所做的一切,都是为了你 Look into

答案Bit is adj of sb to do,这里的形容词是形容人的性格特征的,如nice,kind clever,foolish,smart,都是形容人的,it is adj for sb to do就是普通的形容词,如hard,impossible,important翻译:对我们来说学习英语太难了


65.A 段落功能题.根据文章内容A disease,pneumonia,killed many people.,第一段主 let me go back to my drawing,so I can sell it to the magazine and buy food and wine for

I want your first kiss Are you willing to give me

Something About the Sunshine - Anna Margaret Wake up to the blue sky Grab your shades And let's go for a ride Breakfast by the ocean We'll do lunch at Sunset and Vine Every day's a dream in California Every night the stars come out to play

sturdy support for scholars, just as surely as scholars, the vine, are needed to produce fruit. Publishers and scholars cannot do it alone. They need each other. This remains as apt a representation of the

"In seven years old, I my childhood was spent in my grandpa home. There's summer is the most beautiful. I remember my grandfather home front yard is full of I don't know what to call the name of flowers. Every morning, you can be in the house out


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