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Do without BrEAD

Love cannot do without bread

Bread - Aubrey 专辑: Aubrey Bread And aubrey was her name, A not so very ordinary girl or name. But who's to blame? For a love that wouldn't bloom For the hearts that never played in tune. Like a lovely melody that everyone can sing, Take away

And aubrey was her name,奥布芮就是她的芳名A not so very ordinary girl or name.一个和名字一样不平凡的女孩But who's to blame?但这又能怪谁For a love that wouldn't bloom一段没有开花结果的爱情For the hearts that never played in tune.没

any 因为疑问句不能用MUCH

还是有点区别的吧!例:I can't go without (that)I get some money.go 后面应该+where 也就是地点I can't go without (that)I get some money.do 后面应该是+sth,应该是事情所以上面是,没钱我就没法去(哪)下面应该是:没钱我就没去做(什么事).包括上面的例句:We can't go without you 没有你,我们去不了(地点)We can't do without you 没有你,我们做不成(事情)

肯定用 Yes,please.否定用 No,thanks.

do without = 没有 不成例如: I cannot do without you.我没有你 (做此事) 不成


因该是 I do not have any more bread.

Man dose no live by bread alone We have to admit that the very basic problem we face in our life is bread and clothes.But the ture meaning of life never comes in the form of material and money.A man who scrap a living by a low-paid job may feel


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