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have sth.in stock 有的现货例句筛选1.I need a way to have in stock products, pictures, technical data, upc, manufacturer,cost and prices quickly load into the website.我需要一种有库存产品,图片,技术数据,刚果爱国者联盟,制造商

have sth.to do with 有某物做 例句1、He must have sth on his mind.他心里有事.2、When can you have sth and nothing in your pocket at the same time?你口袋什么时候可以同时有东西和没有东西?3、Would you like to have sth else? What


No, I don't.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

In Your Pocket - Maroon 5Say what you're mad at me for, me for说你在生我什么气 为什么生我气Yeah why you talk that evil, yeah是的 为什么你说话那么恶毒That's not the way you show love, show love这不是你表达爱的方式 表达爱意No love, no

⑴ 表示“安排某人做某事,使某事物被处理”,即我们通常所说的“让某事被某人做”.这种情况多指技术类的工作让别人完成,如房屋装修、机器维修等专业的技术活儿. 例1 Last year, we had the house rebuilt. 去年,我们的房子翻新过了.

你好!have sb /sth in mind (for sth) 考虑某人[某事物]适合(某事) think of 考虑做某事,提出,建议如有疑问,请追问.

have something in common是指「彼此有着共通点」,可能是嗜好,也可能是观念.若你和某人完全不对盘,丝毫没有共通点,你就可以说We have nothing in common.

你好,1. sth.大都指 (一个) 没有具体说明或不指定的东西(a thing that is unspecified or unknown.)2. 通常在各种表述中,用来表明其描述或陈述量是不确定的.(something usually used in various expressions indicating that a description or amount being stated is not exact.)所以 sth. 没有几件事的意思.we have something in common我们有些共同之处.以上仅供参考!


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