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安吉莉娜,是一个少女,一下是歌词大意,看了就知道了 She never cried for love 她从不为爱而哭 She never knew 她从不知道 How to deal with her broken heart 如何处理她的破碎的心 She was so blue 她如此悲伤 Only sweet seventeen 仅仅芳龄

小孩总是怕黑暗Children __are__always____afriad___ ___of____darkness与其说他 __a___ ___hard_______ ___life_____我们希望安宁地生活We hope to live __in___

基本资料 全名: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson 昵称: Em 生日: 1990/4/15 身高 克里斯沃特森(44, which is why Emma lived in France for the first 5 years of her life


She never cried for love 她从未为爱情而哭She never knew 她从不知道how to deal with her broken heart 如何修复破碎的心She was so blue 她如此悲伤only sweet seventeen 只有甜蜜的十七岁when she left on a midnight train 当她在午夜的火车上

强调点不一样 some good pieces of news 是消息的好的部分 some pieces of good news是好消息的一部分

Only one life to live in trying our best to make it through (ooh we're trying our best to make it through) there's no mistakes just lessons it's all about what they mean to you (oh no matter what you've gone through) you can Pick up the pieces move on


Can you look how regarding 20 year-old youths and the year nearly 80 old women's burning to fall the life finally to be wonderful He gives her in her 80th birthday that day the


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