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light it up on thE run

歌词里应该是 I'll be with you from dusk till dawnZAYN- (泽恩马利克)/Sia的《Dusk Till Dawn》,完整歌词:Not tryna be indie不愿过于特立独行Not tryna be cool不愿装得潇洒随意Just tryna be in this只愿保持这样的自己Tell me are you too告诉

我也是听poplove听到了,好像是Lady Gaga的the cure

试着翻了下,还有不准确的地方,望指教!yellowcard - light up the sky 照亮天空you're making a choice to live like this 你在作一个选择,像现在这样生活and all of the noise i am silenced 一片嘈杂中,我是安静的we already know how it ends

bruno mars - killa on tha run i don't recognize my reflectionall i see is a product of your deceptiongave you all of me without questionbut you had to take advantage of a blessingi warned you, i told you it would end this wayif you kept on playing all

歌曲名:Always on the Run歌手:Children 18:3专辑:On the RunTomi - Always On The RunI can't wait any longer to tell u how I really feelI know the truth hurts but I gotta keep it realI've been watching and know where u spend your nightsGirl u walk

歌曲名:Everybody's On The Run歌手:Jimmy Buffett专辑:Last Mango In ParisFirst time I ranWas to the end of the blockI didn't know thenThat it never would stopMow I look aroundAnd what do I seeMore and more peopleRunning faster then

是这个吗?我从别的地方复制下来的~燃烧吧 UH 燃烧吧 UH HMM 看着我的眼睛吧燃烧吧 UH 燃烧吧 UH 燃烧吧 燃烧吧 燃烧吧(I burn it!!!)(up up up)我摔倒时 不来扶我却踢我一脚传来嗤嗤的嘲笑随即转身有见风使舵 你胆敢这样对我?你少臭屁

light it up的意思是:点燃;有话大声说;点亮

这是翻唱george strait的runThere's a plane or a bus leaving from DallasI hope you're on itIf there's a train moving fast down the tracksI hope you caught it'Cause I swear out there bewareYou walk freeSo catch a ride or catch a cabDon't you know that I

light up the sky when i'm feeling all alone with so far to go 还有这么长的路要走,我感觉孤独 the signs are no where on this road guiding me home 这条路上没有引导我回家的指示 when the night is closing in is falling on my skin oh god will you


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