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obstacle ['bstk()l] n. 障碍,干扰;妨害物1.N-COUNT An obstacle is an object that makes it difficult for you to go where you want to go, because it is in your way. 障碍物例:Most competition cars will only roll over if they hit an obstacle.多数赛

obstacle ['bstkl] n. 障碍,障碍物,妨碍,阻碍 n. 障碍,障碍物,妨碍,阻碍 *原词Obstacles不存在,校正为[复数]原型.但存在多个近形词 原词参考 Obstacles

你好!obstacles: [ 'bstkls ]objectives: [ b'dektivz ] arranges: [ 'reindes]belief: [ bi'li:f ]希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

1.Overcome the Obstacles2.Shrink and avoid the Obstacles3.Endure it.

obstacle 中文翻译 n. 障碍, 妨害物

obstacle英音:['bstkl]美音:['bstk!] 百度在线词典 http://dict.baidu.com/s?wd=obstacle 后面多加个s 再看看别人怎么说的.

surmount obstacles跨越障碍双语对照词典结果:网络释义1. 越过障碍例句:1.To surmount obstacles including foreign exchange controlsthat made it difficult to trade with chinese companies directly,overseas groups would typically get mainland

overcome和surmount在克服困难的意思上,重叠性很强.我既见过overcome the difficulties 也见过surmount the obstacles.我觉得不同点在于overcome有一种跨过、越过的感觉,而surmount则更倾向于表达凌驾于sth之上,更上一层楼.比如I overcome my tiredness and finally surmount the hills with effort.但是实际使用中,在表达克服困难的过程时,我觉得两个词可以互换.谢谢~

persevere不及物动词 vi. 1.坚持不懈;不屈不挠[(+at/in/with)]In spite of all obstacles and failures, the scientist persevered with his experiments. 尽管阻力重重并屡遭失败这位科学家还是坚持试验. 2.(在辩论中)固执己见



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