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put A priCE on造句

put a price on 给某物定价 Teach him to sell his strength and brains to the highest bidder, but never to put a price on his heart and soul. 教他可把自己的体力和脑力以最高价出售,但绝对不要出卖自己的心灵和灵魂.

put on v.穿上,把放在上,装出,假装,增加,欺骗,添上,使靠维持生命 参考例句:The doctor has put me on drugs,ie prescribed them for me.医生给我开了药.She put on a semblance of anger.她装出生气的样子.It's lucky you didn't put the

put on a play造句:The company put on a play about the homeless .这家剧团上演了一出讲述无家可归者的戏.And it's my business to put on a play. 但这出戏这出戏要公演,这是我的事.We are going to put on a play, do you want to take part in? 我们将排练一个话剧,你愿意参加吗?

when it is cold, I put on the coat 当天气冷了,我穿上了外套!

完整是put a price on给某物定价例句One can't put a price on friendship. 友谊无价. The authorities put a price on his head. 当局悬赏缉拿他. To put a price on something for sale 要价,给出售的某物定价 To put too high a price or value on. 对…定价过高,定价高出…购买力对…定价过高或赋予…过高的价值 You can't, put a price on friendship. 友谊是无价的.

please put on your clothes.you can't put your dress on now.

put on your clothes

On New Year's Day, we put on our new clothes and visit our family and friends.在新年的第一天,我们将对我们的新衣服和参观我们的家人和朋友.She's not really ill;she puts it on to get others' sympathy.她其实没有什么病,她是为了博得他人同情而装病的.The athlete put on a sprint of speed to make it.运动员在到达终点前进行冲刺.

put on a performance: 演出 1.The actor put on a fine performance.演员作了精彩表演. 2.They will put on a performance of King Lear.他们将把李尔王搬上舞台. 3.The singer put on a performance last night.这位歌手昨晚进行了一场演出. 4.


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