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sEnD to造句

I will send her to the park.We are sended to our home safely.,I should have send him to that place.

The children were sent to bed.孩子们都被打发去睡觉了. I need another one sent to me.我需要你们再寄一本给我. The thief was sent to prison.小偷被送进了监狱. He was sent to the hospital.人们将他送往医院. Yes, he has been sent to America.是的,他已经被送到美国去了. His son was sent to the labor camp.他的儿子被送到了劳教所. The letter was sent to you in error.这封信误寄给你了.

I will send this letter to him

They send theirdaughter to one of the best schools in the country. 他们把女儿送进国内最好的学校.Hewas sent to hospital this morning. 今早他被送进医院.

To send a message to Tom 把这消息带给汤姆

my mom send me to the school

send for sb 请某人来 please send for a doctor 快请来一个医生 send for sth 让人带来某物 he sent for help 他找人寻求帮助 she sent for latest news 她让人把最新的消息带给她

To send a message to Tom把这消息带给汤姆

a man sends troops to suppress a rebelion一个人派遣军队去镇压叛乱


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