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thE CrEDit CArD trAp

意思是信用卡号码无效.credit读法:英 ['kredt] 美 ['krdt] n. 信用,信誉;[金融] 贷款;学分;信任;声望 短语:1、credit union 合作银行 ; 信用合作社 ; [金融] 信用社2、Credit Suisse 瑞士信贷 ; 瑞士信贷银行 ; 瑞士信贷银行香港分行

credit card holder 信用卡持卡人the credit card holder is liming.信用卡是李明的.


The consignee's name and the state must comply with the credit card user 's name and state, when using the credit card to make the payment , please fill out the real credit card user 's data to make the payment successfully, when you Submit Credit

As the economy is developing so rapidly, people's attitude towards life is changing at the same time. Credit cards are becoming more and more popular. but what advantages and disadvantages do they have? Firstly, it is quite convenient ant

1.Using credit cards. 2.People do not need to make many withdrawals. 3.Placing orders by phone. 4.Because the interest rate would rise if he does not reply. 5.It is high interest payments.



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