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歌曲简介 《Nothing's gonna change my love for you》(中文:此情永不移,也有译成:痴心不改), 是经典伦理爱情片《廊桥遗梦》主题曲.由Gerry Goffin和Michael Masser创作,最初由美国黑人爵士乐歌手George Benson在1984年演唱并

nothing's gonna chang my love for you if i had to live my life without you near me the days would all be empty the nights would seem so long with you i see forever oh, so clearly i might have been in love before but it never felt this strong our dreams are

No matter what happens Even when the sky is falling down I promise you That I`m never let you go Oh Oh Oh oh Oh oh-Yeah You 奶嘎死乐七呆 乔呆哈得儿lem额不西 岗昂度比起楼 也帮一共那里路开坐 And You 那hi米高无呆 色扑米表浪gi嘎几 度额

When you need someone, I promise I'll be there for you.对应的中文谐音:闻由尼的萨姆万, 艾 泼弱米斯 艾了必泽尔佛由.

《Not Alone》少女时代 中文 Have u ever 时至今日 此心仍笃 爱仅是独自 守花开结果 即使心怀小小心愿 亦有口不善言说 然而 即便如此 亦得知晓 Not alonenot alone 沉石入海的思绪 Notalone 如残光将息 Lovesong们 记得此花 为君始盛放 故 im

done with you i count the days that we have spent apart i've gotta a bad liver and a broken heart there's no salvation in the comfort of you i finally realized your tearing me apart 数着分手后的日子 我已心碎肠断 你的安慰也无济于事 最后我才明白是你

No matter what happensEven when discusse on me nowI promise you That I`m never let you goOh Oh Oh oh Oh oh-YeahYou 乃嘎 斯劳基儿 带 曹儿带 很得儿里m 奥p西康汉 努n比起漏 秒t 报你Go 哪里勒Kiao 作And You 你 Hi买 Giao无儿 带 斯儿普


Disintegrate 崩溃-Young Steffcan i say i caught you? 能说我抓到你了吗?goin on like that, is something i don't want to.事情发展到这样,也不是我希望看到的can't believe that you would even try to play me. 不敢相信你曾试图玩弄我seein you

Wait For You痴心等待Wait For You:等你…|痴心等待|等待你i'll wait there for you:我将在那里等候你I'll wait forever for you:我将永远等你|我将永远为你等待


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