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How to Keep Healthy?Nowadays,more and more people don`t value their healths.They always stay up late,do less exercise and eat much junk food and so on.So these bad habits make them ill.Do you know how to keep in good health?Well,first you`d

From my point of view是正确的,如果用in,常用的固定结构是In my opinion. 具体来说: 1、opinion和 view都有看法,观点的意思,在这点上它们是同义词. 2、From my point of view,在我看来;依我看. eg.From my point of view the

from my point of view 依我之见 相关例句:1.From my point of view, creativity is my strongest point. 我认为我最大的优点是富有创造力.2.NJ: One important aspect from my point of view is whether there are differentowners involved. NJ:在我看来,


我认为几乎是同义词,但是似乎有这么一点小小的区别:作为抽象的概念“观点、立场、视角”,两者都能用.但作为具体的概念的“视角”,只能用viewpoint.比如I have a great viewpoint from my window. 我家窗户的视角很好.也就是说,viewpoint既能表示眼睛看的视角,也能表示心里想的视角,而point of view只能表示心里想的视角,不能表示肉眼看的视角.

翻译如下:学习英语是很有趣的 It's fun to learn English From my point of view, learning English is fun. The reasons are as follows: first, after learning English, you can see the original film. Secondly, after learning English, you can communicate with

参考: Both mean the same for all practical purposes, but in my point of view is usually replaced by the more idiomatic in my view, in my opinion, or from my point of view. Somehow, the issue is more with my, and less with in/from, as shown by the

point of view是观点view point 也是观点,点是中心词,什么点呢?观点.view of point不就成了点观了?不行.其实上面都是废话,你只要记住point of view是观点的固定用法就好了.

都可以使用的.point of view 在较新的词典上是个独立的词条:《麦克米伦高阶》:From my point of view, the president hasn't done enough to help poor people.From the point of view of safety, the proposed measures are a significant



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