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with a pinch of salt 英 [wi pint v s:lt] 美 [w e pnt v slt] adv. 有保留地 双语例句1. The more miraculous parts of this account should be taken with a pinch of salt.对这篇记述中那些颇具神奇色彩的部分也不应全信.2. Mix about

您好:这边是一个成语,有所保留 或者半信半疑的意思

字典上写的是: 有保留的(with a pinch of salt)

● take sth. with a grain of salt 多用于美语和澳大利亚英语,在英国常说 take sth. with a pinch of salt ( Note: “Take it with a grain of salt” is more common in American and Australian English, while “ take sth. with a pinch of salt” is more common

I don't know weather that is true .Maybe I have to take with a pinch of salt.But I must take care of myself next time,or I will take on big responsibility for this.take it seriously from now on!我不知道那是不是真的.或许我只能半信半疑了(我只能这样接受了),但是下一次我必须要自己小心点,否则我将因此承担很大的责任.从现在起小心行事! 可以搭配相符的情景组合起来

with a grain of salt 有保留地;持怀疑态度;半信半疑地双语例句:1.This is why you should take the advice of one person with a grain of salt. 这就是为什么你要带着怀疑的态度去接受一个人的意见的原因.2.We also do not take for granted the


take part in 是词组参加的意思,后面都要加宾语“活动“,take care of 是照顾某人,处理某事.take care 是小心的意思.take care后可以不加of,但是take part 后要加 in.eg:John takes part in many school activities

最后一个空应该是 in

带of的短语太多了 think of:想到be proud of:以为骄傲/为而自豪 take care of :照看,照顾 be made of:用..制成 take advantage of:使用的优势 instead of:代替regardless of:忽略at the age of:在..岁时 by means of:用的方法 cheat out of sb:骗取某人的什么东西 能想起来的有这些,,还有好多,暂时想不起来了.


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